January 2010

**As Neil predicted, the video is no longer available.  However, it was wonderful of Mr. Gaiman to share with us the link to his latest creative endeavor!  I hope it is available from Sky soon.**

Happy New Year!  When my friend, and fellow librarian, Jennifer Lu’Becke sent me this link to Neil Gaiman’s short film Statuesque I knew I had to share it with you fine folks.

Statuesque is the tale of a man that falls in love with a living statue.  It is a beautiful story told completely without words.  I certainly have a soft spot for both Neil Gaiman and for the short movie format.  Here is an excellent example how a story can be told in less than ten minutes, with no dialog, and can be more amazing than most full-length films currently being produced and sold to the public.  Also, I am slightly biased in my affection for this piece since it is similar to a script I wrote years ago that never got around to producing.  Perhaps I will have to tweak it a bit and give it a go in 2010.

Bravo, Neil!  You have done it again!  Cheers to you all and here is to a new decade and plenty more librarian geeky goodness!


Independent Media Center logoLast month I started volunteering at the Independent Media Center in Urbana, IL at the organization’s tenth anniversary celebration.  I have wanted to for a long time, but time was always a factor.  There is a lot to offer at the UC-IMC, and one of the coolest things is the zine library.  In the new year, I am planning on taking pictures of all the zines in the collection for the catalog.  Last time we worked on organizing the zines physically, while other volunteers from GSLIS worked on cataloging them.  You can learn more about the collection at the FAQ page:  http://library.ucimc.org/content/faq

If you are unfamiliar with zines (pronounced zeens), they are self-published magazines that have small runs.  Often they are cut and pasted together and photo-copied. The purpose of zines is not to make money, but rather expression.  Be it politics, sex, body-image, or pop-culture; zines are often highly personal in nature and are truly labors of love.

Volunteers from GSLIS are organizing the UC-IMC Zine Library