Janet Leigh in the famous shower scene of "Psycho"

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the theatrical release of the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror film Psycho.  This means that for half a century people have been terrified of taking a shower.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Psycho.  Despite being in a large room of people, I still was affected enough that to this day I tell people that Psycho is the most terrifying movie I have ever seen.

Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is on the run when she stops at the Bates Motel.  There she meets a handsome and mild-mannered young man named Norman (Anthony Perkins) that owns the motel.  Norman tells Janet that he and his mother live on the property, and he feels trapped.  Feeling trapped herself, Janet feels sorry for Norman, who she feels is being controlled by his mother.

Perkins and Leigh

Norman Bates and Marion Crane

Most of us have probably seen the shower scene, and know that things don’t look good for Marion’s disappearance, but the tension of the film is masterful.  It certainly has stood the test of time, and is a must for any horror fan that enjoys the psychological terror over a gore-fest.

The movie is being re-released in a special Blu-ray 50th Anniversary edition this fall, but you don’t have to wait to enjoy this classic.

Check this item out at a library near you!