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While I do have several posts in the pipe for Librarians are Weird, my main focus of late has been to update my personal website.  I welcome you to check it out at


So this post isn’t entirely self-promotion here two of my favorite infographic videos that I have found while searching the Internet.  Enjoy!

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by Destiny by Tomas Nilsson
This was a school assignment he had to reinterpret the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood.”
It is inspired of course by Röyksopps’ – Remind me.  That video was directed by Ludovic Houplan & Hervé de Crécy and in 2002 won the MTV Europe Music Award winner for best music video.


It is that time of year. Yes, of course it is the time for the holidays and general merriment, but it is also the time of final papers being due. If you want to have less stress in completing your papers use Zotero. With Zotero, a Firefox add-on, doing your bibliography or works cited page is a snap. You can use Zotero for both your print and electronic resources to create a bibliography in the citation style of your choice. Watch this video to see how librarian Eric Sizemore demonstrates how to use this great tool for students.


Storm Trooper + Lesbian Aerobics Instructor = Halloween Party Librarian Style


Over the past month I have been working on helping Eric Sizemore here and there with the Library Jeopardy video for Staff Development Day at Champaign Public Library. I was unable to be there on the day that the skit was performed, but I’m very happy that it was a hit.


I participated in a 49-hour film competition in which each team was given one line of dialog, one shot, and one prop to make a 5-minute movie. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, my final 49-hour edit was not used in the competition this past Friday. However, it is here for all of you to watch. The line is “Don’t go in there,” the prop is a mousetrap, and the shot is a low-angle shot.

The experience was great. I enjoyed working with my teammates librarian Eric Sizemore, and non-librarians Michael Bach and Victor Abson. I hope you enjoy the video and this selection of photographs from the shooting of The Indecisive Writer (photos by Eric Sizemore and Jenny Veile).


**CLDM will no longer start in January 2010.  The first game has been postponed.**

Today is the release of the much anticipated first trailer for the upcoming multimedia librarian game show Celebrity Librarian DeathMatch. You can watch the trailer here and check back for more CLDM updates!

The graphics for CLDM are by Mardis Bagley and the sound is by Jason A. Brown.

Eric Sizemore and myself, Jenny Veile, have been working on the concept and creation of the game together for some time now, so I am very happy to finally be ready to talk about it on Librarians Are Weird. The basic reason for the game is to shake off the stereotypes of librarians, while at the same time creating a fun and informative game that can be played at home. Two sets of reference librarians will go head to head using various technologies to answer reference questions sent down from Command Central. The audience at home can listen in to the live podcast show as well as try to beat the librarians to the answers by typing in their responses. Every 5 minutes our teams of librarians will get another reference question. If they answer before the 5 minutes passes up than they will get a time bonus. Answers will be scored on correctness, sources, time, and politeness by a team of judges made up of reference librarian faculty at library graduate school programs. Please check out for more details on this new and exciting game – Due 2010.


Life catches up with you sometimes, but sometimes also you give in to The Little Hater.  Thanks to Jay Smooth for kickin’ me out of my rut and thank you to all my new readers as well as my loyal fans.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about with The Little Hater, watch this video.  If you are a creative person, I think you know The Little Hater.  Don’t let The Little Hater win!

Now that I have been kicked out of my blogging rut I think I owe it to you all to tell you what weird librarian activities I have been involved in.  First and foremost, I have been working a lot on a multimedia game show to be played online: due January 2010.  But you don’t have to wait so long to get a taste for the game. Currently, we are working on putting together a promotional trailer for the show as well as a video to better explain the show.  Both will be released by Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2009) here and on the official website that is currently being created.  Don’t worry!  Stay cool my babies!  I’ll update more about the game and how you can be involved as things progress.

I also have been planning for some other video projects that will no doubt end up here, so stay tuned!  I have been spending a good portion of my time networking on the video production side and getting more involved with videography work.  I also have been doing random weird librarian activities such as attending food themed festivals, being in a video for Live Karaoke Band starring librarian/actor Eric Sizemore (which I also am editing), fighting censorship during Banned Books Week, and participating in a zombie crawl to promote Haunted House 9: Mystery of an Asylum Behind the Museum.

I also would like to use this space to promote a new blog by Lizz Zitron, Unintentionally Funny Books.  The blog is fantastic and while the books themselves are, well, unintentionally funny, it is Zitron’s wit and humor that makes the blog a new must read.  Lizz Zitron is a current student at my Alma Mater, the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Also, from another favorite GSLIS blogger, please read Laura Rancani’s review of the graphic novel of Fahrenheit 451 (see, not everyone is a terrible librarian that doesn’t even post a blog during Banned Books Week…I’ll try to be better).  Laura Rancani is focusing on youth librarianship at GSLIS, so, her blog is especially going to be of interest to anyone interested in youth services (YA books galore!).

Fear not.  I will try to keep my little hater away and continue to update on a regular basis again.

P.S.  Rest in peace Patrick Swayze.