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And just because I like you weird librarians so much, here are a few more clips from “Portlandia.”  This one is called “Hide and Seek.” Enjoy.  And if you want more go to the Portlandia website.  I highly recommend for librarians “Technology Loop.”  Brilliantly funny.


The Lady & The ReaperTomorrow night, Sunday, March 7, you can watch the 2010 Academy Awards (the 82 Oscars) on ABC.  Some of the best films are not the big names you have heard of already, or are even films that you have to set aside a few hours to watch.  They are the nominated short films.

You can also watch many of the short films that are nominated for this year’s awards.  You can purchase short films through iTunes, or in some cases you can already find them at a library.  Some of them are currently available on YouTube (either in their entirety or trailers), if you are like me and would like to watch them before you purchase them for yourself or your library, you can get a chance to do just that.

Personally, I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the live action nominees, but the animated shorts are all strong. The video trailers ‘available’ from the Oscar website did not work for me.  I hope you have better luck.

This year’s nominees are:

Animated Short Film (2009):

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty – Brown Bag Films – Nicky Phelan and Darragh O’Connel:  Hilarious film about a Granny that sure has an interesting take on storytelling for her young grandbaby.  This is my favorite for the win, but it is a tough call.

Additional information:  Official website (includes full film, or watch the embedded video below).

French Roast – Fabrice Joubert:  A gentleman, a beggar, and a nun walk into a cafe.  Sounds like a joke, right?  Well, it is.  This nominee is about what happens when someone can’t foot the bill.

Additional information: Official website

The Lady and the Reaper (La dama y la muerte) – Javier Recio Gracia:  Don’t fear the reaper!  An elderly widow waits for death to reunite her with her late husband, but it isn’t that simple apparently in this film that will remind you of Bugs Bunny cartoons and at least at one point will have you saying “well that was disturbing” (at least I did).

Additional information: Official website

Logorama – H5 (French company) – Nicolas Schmerkin:  The world is made of logos and corporations…so basically this is a documentary (kidding…sort of).

Additional information:  Official website

A Matter of Loaf and Death – Aardman Animations – Nick Park:  Wallace and Gromit are back!  I love these guys!  This time they are in the bakery business.  Only the trailer is available online, but you can find this item at a library near you!

Additional information:  Official website

Best Live Action Short Film (2009): [note: information from Oscar website]

  • Kavi — Gregg Helvey:  A young Indian boy and his family are forced to work as slaves.  A video trailer available from the Oscar website.

If you are interested in watching the 82 Academy Awards check your local ABC listings for more details, but don’t forget that you can watch nominated and award winning films from past years anytime.

One such collection is the DVD Collection of 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films.

West Bank Story
West Bank Story, 2006 Oscar winner for Short Live Action Film

The first short film in this collection, and the Oscar winner for “Best Live Action Short Film” 2006, is West Bank Story (by Ari Sandel, USA).  Set in the West Bank, this musical comedy parody of West Side Story is the love story of an Israeli soldier (Ben Newmark) and a Palestinian cashier (Noureen DeWulf).  Their families have are warring fast food restaurants.  This is ultimately a story of hope that someday the two sides will find peace…and that we can all enjoy yummy good food in harmony.

Additional information:  West Bank Story official website

The Danish Poet (by Torill Kove, Norway & Canada) was the winner for Animation Short.  This is a touching love story about all the tiny, seemingly insignificant things that lead up to the birth of a child.  Liv Ullmann narrates this film, taking us through the life of the Danish poet.  Tracing the small events in life, can we find the bigger picture?

You can watch the entire film on the National Film Board of Canada’s Youtube Channel:

Additional information:  The Danish Poet at the National Film Board of Canada

This collection also features nominated short films.  In the live action catogory we have The Saviour, One Too Many, Helmer and Son, and Binta and the Great Idea.  A nominated animation is also included, Maestro, in addition to bonus short films A Gentlemen’s Duel, Guide Dog, One Rat Short, The Passenger, Surviving the Rush, and The Wraith of Cobble Hill.

Find this item at a library near you!