This is for anyone that was interrupted when all they wanted to do was read a book.  Enjoy.


And just because I like you weird librarians so much, here are a few more clips from “Portlandia.”  This one is called “Hide and Seek.” Enjoy.  And if you want more go to the Portlandia website.  I highly recommend for librarians “Technology Loop.”  Brilliantly funny.


**As Neil predicted, the video is no longer available.  However, it was wonderful of Mr. Gaiman to share with us the link to his latest creative endeavor!  I hope it is available from Sky soon.**

Happy New Year!  When my friend, and fellow librarian, Jennifer Lu’Becke sent me this link to Neil Gaiman’s short film Statuesque I knew I had to share it with you fine folks.

Statuesque is the tale of a man that falls in love with a living statue.  It is a beautiful story told completely without words.  I certainly have a soft spot for both Neil Gaiman and for the short movie format.  Here is an excellent example how a story can be told in less than ten minutes, with no dialog, and can be more amazing than most full-length films currently being produced and sold to the public.  Also, I am slightly biased in my affection for this piece since it is similar to a script I wrote years ago that never got around to producing.  Perhaps I will have to tweak it a bit and give it a go in 2010.

Bravo, Neil!  You have done it again!  Cheers to you all and here is to a new decade and plenty more librarian geeky goodness!


Everyone should know who Hardrock, Coco, and Joe are — Santa’s helpers! You also should realize not only how awesome Frosty is, but also how we owe it all to Suzy Snowflake. So, I decided that for my holiday treat to all of you I would share three classics that I grew up with and watch every year. It wouldn’t be the holiday season without them!

Hardrock, Coco, and Joe (my favorite!)

Suzy Snowflake

Frosty the Snowman


Storm Trooper + Lesbian Aerobics Instructor = Halloween Party Librarian Style


Over the past month I have been working on helping Eric Sizemore here and there with the Library Jeopardy video for Staff Development Day at Champaign Public Library. I was unable to be there on the day that the skit was performed, but I’m very happy that it was a hit.


**CLDM will no longer start in January 2010.  The first game has been postponed.**

Today is the release of the much anticipated first trailer for the upcoming multimedia librarian game show Celebrity Librarian DeathMatch. You can watch the trailer here and check back for more CLDM updates!

The graphics for CLDM are by Mardis Bagley and the sound is by Jason A. Brown.

Eric Sizemore and myself, Jenny Veile, have been working on the concept and creation of the game together for some time now, so I am very happy to finally be ready to talk about it on Librarians Are Weird. The basic reason for the game is to shake off the stereotypes of librarians, while at the same time creating a fun and informative game that can be played at home. Two sets of reference librarians will go head to head using various technologies to answer reference questions sent down from Command Central. The audience at home can listen in to the live podcast show as well as try to beat the librarians to the answers by typing in their responses. Every 5 minutes our teams of librarians will get another reference question. If they answer before the 5 minutes passes up than they will get a time bonus. Answers will be scored on correctness, sources, time, and politeness by a team of judges made up of reference librarian faculty at library graduate school programs. Please check out for more details on this new and exciting game – Due 2010.



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